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Did you know Chris and I have been married for 10 almost 11 years?! We decided on our 10th anniversary we would go on a big trip together. We picked Santorini, Greece!  Chris had already traveled to Asia but I the furthest I had been was to Panama for a wedding.  The flight was long and I found myself missing the kids BUT luckily I had the best travel companion.  We played games ( Settlers of Catan and Angry Birds by Ipad) and watched movies so overall it was a nice trip! When we arrived in Athens, where we had a 3-hour layover, we decided to we were going to do some site seeing before our next flight to Santorini.  We were blown away by how beautiful Greece is! Being able to see the Athens Temple even from afar was amazing.  Next, we headed to our destination, Santorini, and as soon as we reached our suite Manos Small World in Firastefani we were exhausted.  That net after a quick rest we started exploring.  One day we explored the Fira market place and found some souvenirs and another headed hiked to Oia for the legendary sunset.  From Firastefani to Oia it is a 10km hike plus the detours we made to explore.  We made, maybe a little redder than when we started, we got to explore. In Oia there are so many street dogs and we loved so many of the shops were collecting donations to help these little guys! Although the sunset in Oia was beautiful, Chris and I both agreed that our sunset from our room was better because we had the volcano in the background.  Have you ever stood on an active volcano?!  In Santorini, you can take a boat out and do a volcano trek! It was AMAZING!


Being a tourist in Santorini was beyond amazing and we are so glad to have been able to be there. Who knows maybe next time we will be wedding photographers in Santorini!

Next Trips

Turkey in 2020

Disney World in 2021

Ireland in 2022 or 2023









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