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Engagement Photo Tips!!

We are so excited to work with you!! Here are some tips to help get ready for a successful engagement session with us.

Why? and When?

Why Should I do an Engagement Session?

The purpose of an engagement session is you to have a chance to work with us before your wedding and so you have your engagement documented. What's great about engagement photos is they can be used as part of your wedding decor for things like guest books or wedding invitations!

When Should I Book?

It takes approx 1-2 month for your engagement photos to be ready so we suggest booking your engagement session no later than 6-8 weeks before your wedding. The best time to book is

4-5 months before your wedding, especially if you want to use the photo for save the dates or wedding invitations.


Arriving On Time

It is important that you arrive on time for your engagement session. The reason is that we are natural light photographers so the sun dictates when we can shoot. If we schedule your engagement session two hours before sunset and you arrive and hour and half late that means we have 30 minutes to shoot your session.

Permits and Parking

When choosing your location we suggest checking to see if permit and/or parking fee is required in order to have photos taken at that location. If a permit and/or parking fee is required we suggest paying for it before the session.

Be Yourself!

This is the most important expectation that we have! We want you to just be yourself and be ready to for fun! Don't forget to bring your beautiful smile!

What Time and Where?


We are natural light photographers and so you guessed it, we prefer to use natural light! For engagement and family sessions we love to work outside. The better time to do your engagement sessions is in the evening when the sun is nice and low. The BEST time to do sessions is 2 hours before sunset during "the golden hour".


We love when our couples choose their own location. For engagement sessions we always recommend choosing a outdoor location. If you know of a location with a beautiful backdrop that fits you and your fiance, that would be a great place!Keep in mind that some locations need a permit, have parking costs so its a good idea find out about costs for your locations If you need help choosing a location we are hear for you! You can contact us or check out our Instagram, Facebook or Blog for some ideas.

Some of our FAVOURITE locations!

Bruce County:

-Southampton Beach

-Southampton Lighthouse on the Beach

-MacGregor Point (Parking Fee)

-Sauble Beach (Parking Fee)

-The River Road (Smith Apple Farms)


Grey County

-Collingwood Arboretum

-Moreland Estate

-Harrison Park


Simcoe County

-Sunnidale Park


Dufferin County

-Island Lake Conservation


York County

-Scarborough Bluffs


What Should I Wear?

Wear what you love

When choosing your outfit for your engagement photos we suggest making sure it something you are comfortable wearing. Make sure you can move well in the photos because during your session you will be asked to do a lot of movement shots like twirling.


Questions to ask yourself:

1.Am I comfortable in this outfit?

2.Can I move and lift my arms in it?

3.Do I love it?


We always suggest choosing an outfit that fits your unique style and personality. We want you to be at ease and happy in what you wear. You can choose something you would wear on your date night and even take it up a notch!

Does it work with the location?

It is best to choose an outfit that also goes with the location you have chosen. We do not suggest wearing stilettos on a beach! If necessary, you can bring different shoes or go barefoot once we are the main location.


The engagement/couples session is about the two of you, so you'll want to make sure that your outfits compliment each other and be a reflection of your individual personalities!


Here are some tips:

1. Wearing complimentary colours is always a good idea! Don't wear the exact same colours, but instead, pick colours that contrast perfectly. An example is one of you wearing blue while the other wears white.

2. If you are bringing multiple outfits, make sure that your outfit choices match. an example. If you are planning on wearing a dress, ask your fiance to put on a suit!

3. It's important to choose your colour palettes and then pick your outfit. You don't want to show up wearing the exact same colours and style. We want your outfits to reflect your individual styles. If wearing a suit jacket isn't you then we suggest avoiding that and maybe instead wear a nice button up shirt

What Not to Wear

We discourage our couples from wearing logos. Why? Because we find they are a distraction in the photo and we want the focus to be on you.

What Should I Bring?

We always recommend our couples bring things that will help them be more comfortable at their session.During the colder months we recommend you bring warm clothes such as mitts and a warm coat so inbetween photos you can warm up. Bringing a thermos of something hot to drink wouldn't hurt either! Some couples like to bring blankets as a prop. This not only looks cute in photos but also can warm you up and/or be used to take sitting photos on damp ground.


During the warmer months helpful things to bring are water, bug spray (location depending) and an extra pair of shoes that are comfortable. Some fun ideas of things to bring are picnic baskets, bubbles, champagne, etc. We are game for anything!


We love when our couples bring their pets to their engagement session! If you have a fur baby you would like to include we highly recommend it as these babies are apart of your family and make great additions to your engagement photos.Remember to bring poop bags, extra yummy treats and even a squeaky toy if that grabs their attention! A suggestion for pups, depending on energy level, is to take them for a walk before the session.

Hair & Makeup

Have you thought of having your hair and makeup done professionally? Your engagement session is the perfect time to schedule your trial bridal makeup/hair style! It works out so well because you have a purpose for the makeup. Another reason to have a pro do your hair and makeup is because it removes the stress of getting ready on your own. This is the time to treat yourself! If you working with a makeup artist or applying your makeup on your own we recommend doing it in natural light, if possible as that is the type of light we will be photographing in.


For a list of our favourite Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists please visit our vendor page on our website

The Excitement is Building!!

We are so excited to work with and get to know you! If you have any further questions you can contact us anytime. We are happy to help!


See you soon,


Megan and Chris

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