Engagement Photo Tips

Engagement sessions are a fun way for your photographer to get to know you and for you to get to know your photographer and how they take pictures.  As photographers, we always recommend doing an engagement session, especially if you are nervous in front of the camera.

 Here are so tips about preparing for your engagement sessions:


Choosing a Season for your Photos

We recommend choosing your favourite season for your engagement photos.  We have done engagement photos in winter, spring, summer, and fall and all are absolutely beautiful!



Choose your Location

When choosing your location we are more than willing to help BUT we love when our couples choose a location that is sentimental to them.

 An example is the proposal location or a favourite place that the two of you like to go.

Choosing your Outfit

Colour Palette

We recommend that you don’t match but instead find colours that complement each other.  Pick 2-3 colours you want and work with that.  An example is different tones of blues or even colours that compliment each other.  You can also choose Pastels, cool colours or neutral tones.

Some examples of colours that work well together 

-Grey and different shades of pink

-Blue and yellow

-Blue and pink

-Tan, light blue and brown

-Dark green, navy and burgundy

-Tan, light olive green and denim

-Black, grey, white, red, pink, yellow, blue or brown

-Dark Purple, light purple, and denim

Casual or Dressy

Decide if you want a casual or dressy look to your photos and then choose clothes that you feel good in and that make you feel like you.

We recommend you stay away from graphics on clothing or anything too busy.

Dressing for the Season

Winter and Fall – These seasons are typically colder and so we recommend you dress warmly or have something that can warm you up between pictures.

A quick tip is to layer clothing by putting tights under your jeans or pants.  Even a bright winter jacket can look beautiful in photos.  Scarves and cute mitts are always recommended. The warmer you are the more comfortable you will be for photos!

Summer and Spring – For spring we love when couples choose pastel colours because everything is so vibrant with flowers in bloom.  Summer is more likely than not to be hot.  Choose outfits that are not going to get you overheated as during our sessions we are moving around a lot.  Choosing an outfit that goes with your location for example if you are going to a beach why not go barefoot or wear cute flip flops?!



What Should I Bring?

If you have a fur baby or anything that is special to you we recommend bringing them.  We have had couples bring pets, motorcycles, bikes and more.  These photos are to represent you so why not bring something you love.



The Engagement Session

We understand that being in front of the camera is a nerve-wracking experience.  When we get photos done we feel the same!  The first 5 minutes of the session is used to get you comfortable.  The best thing you can do is relax and just enjoy being in front of the camera.  We promise to make it fun!


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