Photography has always been Megan and Chris's passion, but was not always their career goal.  Megan wanted to pursue being a Vet Tech and Chris went to school to be a Pilot.  The more they took photos the more they fell in love with the idea of opening a photography company.  In 2011 they pursued their dream and have never looked back.

The Photography Co. serves Southern Ontario and is based in Owen Sound. 


Megan has been interested in photography since she got her hands on a camera.  She would carry disposable cameras around and loved taking photos.  In highschool she took a photography class and that curiousity turned into a passion! Years later she attented Seneca College for the Independent Photography program.  She learned so much and soon after started her photography business with her husband Chris.  

Megan's photography style is Lifestyle, which means she creates moments between the couple and then captures it.  She captures candid moments through out the day/session so she captures the personality of her subjects.


Chris had the opportunity to serve a mission in East Asia when he was 19.  He learned to see the world through his camera and loved capturing his time there.  This is where his love of photography began.

Chris's Photography style is photojournalistic.  He captures things as they happen and captures those candid moments throughout the day.